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Philosophers' Stones 3
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Philosopher's Stone
34 granite, 10 hollow bronze forms - sizes vary from 9” x 18” x 28” to 30” x 30” x 66” each
commissioned by The City of Madison, Wisconsin 2004
with Ken Saiki Landscape Architects and MSA Professional Services, engineering

Though only six blocks long, State Street in Madison is a legendary street connecting the State Capital with the University of Wisconsin. This vibrant pedestrian mall is where the social grease of the legislative process mixes with café society, football weekends, political protests, provocative shopping, major cultural centers and social pleasures.

Since people watching is the most freely enjoyed, shared activity, “Philosophers’ Stones” is conceived as providing low key cues for individuals to behave in interesting, unexpected ways. A concentrated grouping near the Overture Center provides a respite from the hurley-burley as well as an opportunity to stage planned performances.

"The rocky woods of the Wisconsin Dells inspired the relationships I envisioned between the sculptural elements and the trees to create an urban landscape for the imagination."